Marketers have long struggled with how to best use social media to promote their brands. Today, the question is no longer whether to use social media, but how to adjust a brand to maximize its impact through social media. The impact of social media on design, whether in fashion, home décor, packaging and even architecture, is huge. In fact, a modern principle of design is now whether something is “Instagram-worthy.”

According to a recent study, some 72% of Instagram users reported that they have used the platform to make style or fashion-related purchases. Pinterest is even more consumer-driven, with 90% of users saying they have used the platform to decide which products to purchase.[i]

Social Media is Creating More Opportunity for Smaller Brands

Prior to the advent of social media, what was popular in design was largely driven by brands that could afford paid advertising on television, magazines and so forth. These brands could saturate retail spaces and create the image of expertise using only their name and logo.

Thanks to social media, however, the opportunities for smaller designers have opened up considerably – particularly among the 18-24-year-old population. Independent clothing brands like Romwe and Costalamel are building massive followings and loyal consumers through their savvy social media campaigns.


Another area of design in which social media is having a huge impact is in home décor and remodelling. This is especially true on Pinterest which has largely become a site for DIYers. Successful designers such as Kelly Wearstler have been able to leverage the platform to engage and educate consumers – promoting their own brands in the process.

kelly wearstler

Social Media and Brand Design

Marketers today are designing and re-designing entire brands in ways that will play out well on social media. For example, lately, we have been seeing a trend in minimalist design. This can work well on social media because of the strong graphic look and feel which can be immediately recognized by someone who is quickly scrolling through their feed. When a brand has only seconds to impress, an impactful look is essential.

One brand that does this extremely well is Rxbar. The company re-designed their packaging to clearly outline the benefits without any additional unnecessary information.

Another strategy that many brands are using is the implementation of bright and bold colour schemes. This year, you can expect to see a lot of Pantone 16-1546 Living Coral which was recently named the Pantone Color of the Year for 2019 by the Pantone Institute.

The use of strong and attractive colours, like strong images, helps a brand to stand out quickly among competing messages.

Why it All Matters

Having consumers that interact with your brand on social media matters more today than it ever did which is why it is so important that your product or brand design be compatible with the social platforms that are relevant to your business.

Today’s consumers are also marketers, meaning that if they are engaged with your brand they are also likely to promote your brand to their own audience.

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