There’s an episode of the Simpsons, where everyone in Springfield gets rich because they sold their pumpkin investment off before Halloween.  Everyone except for Homer, who waited until November 1st to try to sell his pumpkins (he was not very successful… doh!).  With SEO, the same concepts apply, but often Timing is overlooked by many webmasters.

A lot of products and services have seasonal trends.  An obvious example are Christmas Trees.  If you have a website that sells Christmas Trees, you should start doing your SEO work well before December 25th.  This is because most people are looking for trees well before Christmas.  It’s also because it takes a while for Google to crawl your website and discover your information.  If it sees fresh content for Christmas Trees in early November, you have a great chance of getting  search results when people are actually buying Christmas Trees (which is normally in Early December).

graph showing christmas tree web search traffic

Timing and Organic Searches

Organic Searches refers to natural searches that lead to clicks to your website.  By monitoring your analytics, and paying attention to what is trending, you have a much better chance at appearing near the top of a Google search.  Organic Search results can also offer insights to your business.  For example, if you are a cake baker, and you notice a lot of people are finding your site due to the search term ‘birthday cupcakes Hamilton’, now would be the perfect time to enhance your website with information about birthday cupcakes. By improving your content, you ultimately end up improving your sales, as people spend more time on your website reading about the information they are interested in. Google Trends is a similar tool that can help you out with timing. For example, in the image below, the Twitter Trend contains Toy Story 4 and Monsters Inc as popular tweets. If you were a cake baker who sold birthday cakes, now might be a great time to Tweet a picture of a Toy Story 4 cake or Monster Inc cake you baked (with a link back to your website with that information).

September 26 Trends

When is it best to Tweet?

Timing can also be applied to work with your social media.  We use tools like Hootsuite, which determine when it’s best to post a Facebook post or a tweet for maximum exposure.  If your product or service targeted office workers, we might make a tweet between 11:30 am and 12:30 pm when people are on their phone during their lunch break.  If we were targeting new parents, we might make a post around 6:30pm when their baby is asleep and they are winding down for the night.

There is so much noise with Twitter and Facebook, therefore it’s important to time it best when your audience will be most likely to see it.  Without the proper attention and care, your social media output might just get buried.

Timing and Blogging

In addition, we usually time it so our blog posts come out on Friday afternoons or Monday mornings as people rarely read blogs on the weekend.  Blogs are typically read Monday mornings as people warm up for the work week, or Fridays when they are winding down for the weekend.  Furthermore, we write, or post blog content that is timely to your business.  If you were a tire dealership, we’d begin blogging about Winter Tires mid-September, as people often look into getting them switched in late October or early November.

Timing and Backlinks

Quality backlinks are something held high in Google’s algorithm.  In the past, a lot of websites cheated and would buy thousands of cheap links from fake directories that linked to a site all within a week.  As Google updates their search algorithm, this will no longer hold any weight.  As a lot of our sites we work for are small businesses, Google would never expect to see thousands of pages linking to them, as they would like a business like Disney.  This is why we work on getting you natural links that are serendipitous and are of high quality.  The timing of these backlinks are spread out over months and the sites they link from are relevant to your site.

Timing your Promotions just Right

Every one of our customers is different, and we constantly monitor your website traffic and trends to best suit your timing needs.  If you are having a promotion, a contest, or a sale, timing principles with SEO are just as applicable.  Our goal is to always ensure that your content is in front of your target audience at the optimal time.  Ultimately, with any sort of timing, we have your customer in mind, and we use SEO tools and social media to deliver that message.

Timing delivers Customized SEO

You don’t see a lot of information on SEO and timing, as a lot of people tend to take a cookie cutter approach to SEO. We, however, use SEO to differentiate you from the competition and make your website stand out so you rise to the top. At Rocket SEO we think it’s very important as timing can often give you the competitive edge.  That’s why we use data pulled from Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and Raven Tools to monitor your website and get you search engine optimization results. If you are a small business looking for Search Engine Optimization in Hamilton, Burlington, Brantford and the surrounding areas, give us a call today at 905-648-3939. We are a no pressure SEO company that works on a monthly basis, meaning you’re never stuck in a long term contract. We look forward to hearing from you!