SEO Success Story from Autopark Superstore.

Autopark is a massive used car dealership. They have 5 locations across southern Ontario including Barrie, Brampton, Niagara, Toronto & Burlington. Our sister companies Webility & Adverdea had done a lot of work on their websites, content management systems and general online marketing tools, but the Search Engine optimization was contacted out to other companies. After a few years of seeing their rankings drop and seeing a major decline in web traffic, they asked us if we could take over the SEO and reverse what had been happening.

In February 2014 we got started. It was a long road ahead but we knew that we could make a major difference in the amount of traffic and in the quality of traffic that had been coming to the websites previously.

A few strategies we implemented were doing away with all the “SEO” landing pages the pervious company had created, cleaning up the structure of the URLs and adding in structured data. The results were not instant, but they were very clear. Within 2 months we started to see a gradual increase in traffic to the site and then by the end of May 2014, Autopark Burlington saw a dramatic increase In their web traffic.Google analytics traffic chart

We had increased their web traffic by 58.89% over last year! Not only that, but on Autopark Brampton we were able to increase the traffic, the amount of new users, pageviews and the amount of time on site. All of these things culminating to more sales!

One of the methods we used to get these better rankings and more traffic to the websites was structured data. We have a blog about it if you want to learn more about structured data, but essentially we made Google read each individual used car listing so that when users were searching for specific models of cars, years of cars and even price, the auto park listings would be visible and come up on the first page.Google Search

Now Google was reading the data on the pages and ranking them accordingly but with a business like used cars, listings are made and deleted as fast as they are sold. All of that Google trust that these listings generated was being lost when the listing was deleted. So we came up with a system that redirects the page to other similar pages. For example if I was looking for a 2010 Mazda 3, I saw a listing on Kijiji that linked back to Autopark Burlington, but when I clicked on that link the car was sold already; our system would automatically redirect the user to other Mazda 3s for sale. This kept the user on the website for longer and kept up to 80% of the Google trust that was generated by the individual listing page.

All of these effort equaled more organic traffic to the Autopark websites.Organic Traffic chart

This also started to get new visitors that would have never been to the Autopark site before. We started to see a major change in the keywords that were used to find the website. When we started, almost all of the organic keywords were branded keywords, meaning users were typing in “Autopark superstore” or a variation of that. But now we are seeing many more keywords like “Brampton used cars”

Keyword Chart

This has been a major success for Rocket SEO and for Autopark Superstore. This is just a sample of what we do on a daily basis for our clients. We are not the typical SEO Company making backlinks and landing pages. We take a full online marketing approach to SEO and it has proven to be a great way to increase website traffic and conversions! If your company is in need of an SEO tune up, give us a call! We would love to show you our ideas and plans on how we could improve your websites ranking! Reach us at