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How Social Media is Influencing the Design World

Marketers have long struggled with how to best use social media to promote their brands. Today, the question is no longer whether to use social media, but how to adjust a brand to maximize its impact through social media. The impact of social media on design, whether in fashion, home décor, packaging and even architecture, [...]

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Hickory Dickory Decks: Supporting Franchisees with Locally Targeted Ads

THE CLIENT With over 60 franchises across Canada, Hickory Dickory Decks is the largest deck builder in the country and a world leader in composite decking. Their business is built on the motto of satisfying customers, one deck at a time -- which has led to their expert team designing and building over 25,000 [...]

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Using Online Ads to Increase Ticket Sales | Canada Basketball Case Study

THE CLIENT Canada Basketball is the National Sporting Organization for the sport of Basketball in Canada and is recognized as the sole governing body of the sport of amateur basketball in Canada. THE OBJECTIVE With Canada’s basketball talent the best it has ever been, Canada Basketball wanted to generate maximum awareness and ticket sales [...]

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The Effectiveness of Video in Advertising

One of the great things about online advertising is that it allows you to use video extremely effectively and relatively inexpensively. In fact, if you are not already using video marketing as part of your digital marketing strategy, then you are already behind. Currently, online users are watching about 4 billion videos on YouTube every [...]

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BACKRACK – Using YouTube To Increase Market Share

THE CLIENT BACKRACK™ is the leading manufacturer of quality truck racks in North America. They have been designing and manufacturing truck racks since 1988 and sell through distributors throughout Canada and the USA. THE OBJECTIVE While BACKRACK™ continues to grow their sales throughout North America, they want to grow their brand recognition, and ultimately increase [...]

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Sell Products Online? Here’s Why You Should be Looking at Amazon Ads!

Amazon has changed the way we shop, and it’s not done yet! People all over North America shop the mega e-commerce site whether they’re purchasing the latest accessories for their smartphones or stocking up on toilet paper. If your business sells products online, then Amazon advertising offers a huge opportunity that you can’t afford to [...]

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