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BACKRACK – Using YouTube To Increase Market Share

THE CLIENT BACKRACK™ is the leading manufacturer of quality truck racks in North America. They have been designing and manufacturing truck racks since 1988 and sell through distributors throughout Canada and the USA. THE OBJECTIVE While BACKRACK™ continues to grow their sales throughout North America, they want to grow their brand recognition, and ultimately increase [...]

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Sell Products Online? Here’s Why You Should be Looking at Amazon Ads!

Amazon has changed the way we shop, and it’s not done yet! People all over North America shop the mega e-commerce site whether they’re purchasing the latest accessories for their smartphones or stocking up on toilet paper. If your business sells products online, then Amazon advertising offers a huge opportunity that you can’t afford to [...]

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AMP-ing Up Your Website

If you’ve spent any amount of time hanging around web designers and developers in the past couple of years, you may have heard them talk about a thing called AMP. But you may not be entirely clear on what exactly AMP is or why it matters for your website. What is AMP? Essentially what AMP [...]

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Seven Social Media Trends to Watch in 2018

Ever since its inception, social media has been changing and evolving at a rapid pace. What started out simply as an outlet for young people to connect, soon became a must-have marketing tool for business. Those brands that adopted social media early, stood the most to gain from the technology – provided they were smart [...]

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Effective Content Marketing in 2018

For the past several years, we have been told that ‘Content is King’ and today in 2018, companies are more focused than ever on their content marketing efforts. How we execute content marketing, however, is constantly changing with ever-evolving technology as well as consumer preferences. Content marketing is becoming more sophisticated and it is important [...]

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