Make Your Website Mobile Friendly – Mobilegeddon

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly – Mobilegeddon

Technology growth is on a constant rise and the use of mobile devices has dramatically increased in the past few years. Most of our daily activities are on our mobile devices. Simple things such as taking notes, setting an alarm, saving the date of a meeting or an event on your calendar, taking pictures, updating our social media accounts, navigation, browsing the internet, and much more are done on our mobile devices daily, whether it is a tablet of some sort or a mobile phone. You’re probably reading this blog from your mobile device right now.

Addicted to Mobile

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According to Bloomberg Business, it is estimated that by 2018, “the number of mobile search users will be expected to equal computer search users.” This is simply due to the result of convenience, rather than finding and grabbing your laptop or sitting behind a desk and browsing your computer, you can simply reach for your mobile device from anywhere and browse right on the spot. It’s more than a convenient device, it’s a daily tool. NY Daily News mentions that “84% worldwide say they couldn’t go a single day without their mobile device in their hand.”

Mobilegeddon Unleashed

Google, of course, takes note of all the technology advancements and the behaviour changes in our technology usage. We are aware that Google uses this useful information to change their algorithms often, so they can offer users a great browsing experience. On April 21st of 2015, Google introduced another new algorithm which the web likes to call “Mobilegeddon.”

As terrifying as this term may sound, it’s actually quite useful for browsing through your mobile device. As long as your website is mobile friendly (loading time is fast, images are viewing correctly, videos play correctly, and your webpages are bug-free), you will achieve a higher page rank compared to a website that is not mobile friendly, and have a higher potential of being on the top of the search page.

Adapting to Change

Many mobile users appreciate this gesture and embrace this change, however, not everyone is happy with this transformation. Due to this new algorithm, businesses have another task added to their to-do list. This change won’t necessarily affect the larger businesses as much as it would affect the smaller businesses. To meet the requirements and optimize your website to be mobile friendly, businesses must spend more time and money, which small businesses might not necessarily be able to afford.

It is all about perspective. A small business owner can look at this change as a curse, but if done right, it could be a blessing.

Call the Professionals

If you’re a small business and don’t have the time or the expertise to make your website into a mobile responsive, high traffic website, you can simply look for a third party that can handle this task for you. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) agencies such as Rocket SEO employ certified professionals, that have studied in the industry and know it well. Now you may ask, “What about the cost of hiring an agency?” Just like any other service, there is a cost for SEO, but making your website mobile friendly, increasing your page rank, and securing a place on top of Google’s search list will increase the traffic to your website and could lead to a higher conversion rate.

Mobile devices are another source of revenue that is ready to be tapped into, so whether you optimize your website yourself, have an SEO division in your company, or hire an external agency, you’re looking at an increase in revenue for your business. Instead of looking at this change in a negative view, it should be embraced and taken advantage of.

Rocket SEO is a Google Partner, we know what Google looks for in a website, and we know how to deliver. So if you’re struggling with optimizing your website to be mobile responsive, or just simply want a second opinion on your website, contact us and we’ll be ready to help. We look forward to hearing from you.

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