online communication

Among the new realities caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen a sharp increase in web traffic as consumers are forced to move much of their communication, entertainment, and purchasing online.

To align your business with this change in behaviour, here are a few suggestions to increase your digital touchpoints and online communications with customers:

Add Online Chat to your Website

People are more likely to respond to a chat invite than make the effort to email or call you. With more customers – and more staff – stuck behind a computer, adding online chat to your website will help to initiate more conversations.

A few webchat examples: |

Convert your Sales and Marketing Literature to Flipbook

Flipbook allows for a simpler and more realistic way for a customer to read through a brochure. Without having to download a pdf, your customer will be able to easily flip through your brochures right on your website.

View a Flipbook example

Add Video to your Website and Social Channels

Video content is viewed 10x more than other online content, and greatly increases the retention rate of your message. New technologies provide more cost-efficient ways to produce video content that engages your customers through a more entertaining and memorable experience.

Set-up Video Chat

Many customers prefer more personal contact than phone, chat, or email. With in-person contact limited, video chat provides the next best thing. Set-up a video chat platform, and invite your customers to schedule video meetings.

Send E-newsletters

Keeping your customers up-to-date on what is happening with your business is critical during this time. Let them know if you’re open for business, what COVID-19 measures you have taken, and how they can interact with you.

As always, it is essential to pivot your business to align with your customer behaviours. Embracing some or all of the above suggestions will enhance your interactions in a changing world.