In the competitive world of marketing and B2B sales, the generation, nurturing and closing of leads can be challenging and time consuming, but it’s critical to success.

As online clients and customers have more information and options than ever before, the decision to buy can take longer. Reaching these clients and aiding them along in the process is also of critical importance.

This is where marketing automation comes in. An exciting and relatively underutilized process, it can enhance the amount of leads generated, the quality of those leads and the sales generated from them, as well eliminate time spent on tactics and campaigns that don’t yield results, and many more benefits.

To put the increase in lead generation into numbers, the increase in qualified leads when using marketing automation has shown to be some 453%!

These leads are brought in by obtaining the identification of anonymous traffic to the company’s website, as well as through filling in forms and through the client interacting with actionable content.

An example of a company that probably does this the best is Amazon which sends you a personalized follow up email recommending new products based on your most recent purchases and what you’ve recently been viewing on the site.


amazon recommendations


Bring on the Benefits

One of those benefits stated earlier is the ability to send triggered e-mails and messages, specifically targeted and personalized to the clients. Personal messages tend to get noticed more, which helps generate more leads and interaction. And more leads equate to more possible sales and business, which we could always use more of!

There is a lot of power that comes with the ability to send out triggered e-mails and messages to your visitors. In fact, the Huffington Post Cited a report by marketing company Ascend2 that showed that e-mail marketing was the most effective tactic for online lead generation. Automation makes e-mailing that much simpler and less time consuming.

Embracing this modern approach can help you retain repeat customers and produce new clients in an easier, more efficient way.


An Easy Example

So how does this process work? Here’s an example. Say your company is having trouble generating more quality leads and communicating where those leads are in the sales process to your sales team. With this in mind, you opt to bring in automation to aid in bringing in better leads to make more sales.

Through your new automation process, a potential client would visit your site, and there would be a form to fill out that would ask them about themselves. Through means of incentives or by providing some sort of value to the user for filling out the form, the user is automatically sent a personalized e-mail with information about your products and company that would pertain to them. The information that they provide is collected and they can later be tracked and followed while they’re on the site. Should you decide to involve your sales team, messaging or e-mailing the potential lead is easier than ever as they will have contact information and know exactly what the client has been looking at and how close they seem to buying. The closing process from that point on is much easier and simplified!


What Tool Should I Use?

Lately at Rocket Digital, we’ve been testing out SharpSpring as a form of marketing automation and the results are pretty impressive. The tool provides in depth analytics on leads that look something like this:


sharpspring analytics


Automation a Clear Choice

A marketing program that is not only affordable, but wherein the client is nurtured and guided along in the sales process, and your sales team is alerted when it’s time to make the sale? What’s not to love? Yet statistics indicate only 3% of B2B companies are utilizing this automated technology.

Being on the cutting edge can not only save your company time and money, it is a proven way to bring more sales and leads into the fold. Utilizing marketing automation is one decision your company will want to make to stay current and modern.