BACKRACK™ is the leading manufacturer of quality truck racks in North America. They have been designing and manufacturing truck racks since 1988 and sell through distributors throughout Canada and the USA.


While BACKRACK™ continues to grow their sales throughout North America, they want to grow their brand recognition, and ultimately increase their market share, in the Southern USA, primarily in California and Texas and also in Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada.


To engage potential truck rack buyers in the above-mentioned states, Rocket Digital created a short video to be used as a YouTube pre-roll ad. The ad was targeted to people searching for truck accessories, researching new trucks, or browsing outdoor enthusiast content. The video focused on quality products for your truck, built in North America, with the BACKRACK™ name and products showing prominently through the video.

BACKRACK – YouTube Pre-roll Ad


Rocket Digital ran the YouTube campaign for three months, from April 1, 2018, through June 30, 2018. The ads received 243,812 impressions with 55,644 people viewing 30 seconds or more of the video and/or clicking through to the BACKRACK™ website – at a cost of less than 10 cents per view. During the campaign, BACKRACK’s organic website traffic from the targeted states grew by 47% year-over-year, compared to a 10% year-over-year growth in the three months previous. Most impressive is the growth in website visitors within the targeted states who continued to their local store locator or online shop: a whopping 514% increase from the same period one year ago.

With the numbers achieved, you can bet that BACKRACK™ will continue to grow in brand recognition – and market share – in the targeted states.


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