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Social Media

Social media impacts the way we market our products and services to anyone and everyone. It’s our job to make sure we keep on top of the ever changing popular social media platforms as well as keep up-to-date with any changes of the old ones. If a business isn’t keeping up-to-date with the main marketing tools used in 2014 it risks becoming irrelevant and has no real chance of impacting the market. Although these businesses might still be able to keep customers because they have people that are loyal to them, they can’t really bring in new customer or business clients. Some of the main social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Vines, YouTube and Instagram. But what about the newer upcoming popular platforms like Snapchat, Tinder, and Twitch TV? Most people won’t even take the time to figure out these platforms until they become a part of the “mainstream”.

Why it is important to keep up to date with the newer social media platforms and what can that do for your company?

A lot of companies think that since the newer social platforms aren’t making an impact yet, they won’t become relevant or they won’t be able to help their business at all. This maybe true to a certain point, but what if that social platform does become relevant? Then your business would have to set up a profile and try and get followers among the midst of trying to understand the platforms features. This decreases the chance of newer potential customers because you were not ahead of your competitors. If you can take the time to start figuring out how to use the new social media platforms to your advantage you can keep your company relevant, but you also want to make sure to figure out how you can use the platform for your advantage. For instance, Snapchat is a tool where someone takes either a picture or a video that can make the viewer see it for at least 10 seconds. What can you do in those 10 seconds that can captivate your targeted audience that would want them to come to come to you? Another social media platform that’s becoming slowly popular is Tinder. It’s more like a hot or not app where you can like or dislike someone’s profile pictures and bio. Their profile pictures are grabbed from Facebook and you can write your own little bio below the pictures. What some companies I have seen do is use the Facebook profile and have pictures with codes on them to give discounts. So this is an innovative way to use newer social media. Of course the old social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are still relevant with today’s society, but it’s a matter of how we use it with our customers. What a lot of companies tend to do is push their products and promotions and ask their customers too much. Businesses should be giving as much to their customers as much as they can before they ask for anything in return. But if you’re going to give anything to your potential clients or even your current clients, make sure it’s something that they will enjoy or understand. People then appreciate the stuff you bring to them and may share it, which helps your business to grow and become noticed by more and more people.

Most Popular Networks, Apps and Websites for Teens

The chart below from The Atlantic illustrates where each networks falls in terms of what percentage of teens have used it, what percentage uses it daily, as well as the percentage of engagement by its users.

Tried and True

As social media platforms grow and fade in popularity, Google has been around for years, will continue to be for a long time, and is very important for business big and small. It is important to have your business on Google. Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are a great help in generating traffic for your company, but you want them to find your company a lot easier—and that’s with Google search results. But, people aren’t going to go through 3 pages of Google search results to find you. It’s best to be on the first page where people can find you. And social media is used to help generate buzz and traffic to your website as well. Once traffic is coming to your website, the third piece of the puzzle is to make sure that you have a properly constructed and relevant website or people will lose interest in your company. Rocket SEO as a company ensures that your business will be ranked on the first page of Google for a variety of search terms. We try to give our customers a satisfactory feeling when they finally do see their website on the first page of Google. We know that Google will always be there unlike new social media that will have their day in the sun and eventually lose their popularity. So, while staying up-to-date with the newest social networks is important it is equally important to invest in a good website that is properly optimized to be on the first page of Google is very important for businesses, and that is what we can provide for you.

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