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Hamilton Airport – Promoting Their New Service To Las Vegas

THE CLIENT Hamilton International Airport is a commercial passenger airport for the greater Hamilton area that offers many low-cost flight options and a low-stress, convenient flying experience. THE OBJECTIVE Hamilton Airport enlisted the help of LakeStreet Communications and Rocket Digital to promote the newest destination from their location: flights twice weekly to Las Vegas. The [...]

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Are Chatbots the Next Big Wave in Digital Marketing?

A few years ago, it was social media. Businesses flocked to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram because these tools were so effective and vital for engaging their customer base. Now that seemingly every business is using some kind of social media platform, and stricter algorithms are making reach more difficult, the effectiveness of these tools [...]

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Rocket Digital Voted Top Advertising Agency

We’re thrilled that Rocket Digital has been announced the Platinum winner as the top advertising agency in the Hamilton Spectator’s 2017 Readers’ Choice Awards. It always feels good to win, but it is especially rewarding to be recognized by our clients who took the time to cast their vote. As a service first business, we’ll [...]

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What is the Difference between SEO and SEM?

Most, if not all of us, in the business and marketing worlds, are familiar with the terms Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and the strategies and trends that surround them. However, many of us also tend to misuse or interchange these two terms in our talk of marketing strategy. Here we’ll [...]

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What is Programmatic Marketing?

Viewed as the future of online advertising, programmatic marketing will account for the majority of all digital advertising spending within the next few years. This method of advertising is extremely effective but can seem more complex and different than previous digital ad purchasing methods. However, once advertisers learn about programmatic marketing, they will realize that [...]

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E-mail Marketing is Still a Powerful Tool for your Business

  Social media may be popular and gaining traction in developing leads and driving interest, but traditional e-mail marketing is still a very important and valuable asset for businesses big and small. E-mail shows its value in its adaptability, ability to be directed and personalized, its ease of use and being very inexpensive. A simple [...]

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Do More With Your Leads Using Marketing Automation

  In the competitive world of marketing and B2B sales, the generation, nurturing and closing of leads can be challenging and time consuming, but it’s critical to success. As online clients and customers have more information and options than ever before, the decision to buy can take longer. Reaching these clients and aiding them along [...]

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The Importance of Knowing Your Buyer Personas and Purchase Journey

One of the most common marketing mistakes made by businesses is making their messaging about themselves, rather than about what their customer is looking for. In order for your marketing to resonate with your audience, you must understand what facets of your product or service matter the most to your audience, and how your audience [...]

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What You Need To Know About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has changed the relationship between businesses and consumers and has placed today’s buyer into the driver’s seat. Gone are the days of businesses pushing their message out to consumers; today, digital media provides consumers with access to information anywhere at any time. Digital marketing allows businesses to be far more dynamic in adapting [...]

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Meta-Morphosis (An intro to metadescriptions)

When your website undergoes an SEO review, one of the factors considered is your metadata – including metadescriptions. But what exactly are metadescriptions and how do you make the most of yours to have your website appear higher in search results? Click here to learn more! …That wasn’t a real link, but that last sentence [...]

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